Ucl Thesis Deposit Agreement Form

If you have filed a second reduced copy of your e-work with remote third-party copyright material, the unprocessed copy is permanently stored in a non-public area of the repository; The second copy is published in the repository shortly after the award date. If you can`t see your new thesis dataset, click «Home» in the top left corner of the screen. In the Publications field, click «Other,» followed by «Theses/Thesiss» to find the minutes. Theses subject to an embargo. The embargo applies to electronic and print versions. The final thesis is kept in a non-public area of the final filing until the expiration of the embargo period. It is then made available in UCL Discovery. If you have indicated that your e-thesis can be provided immediately (i.e. no access restrictions, no third-party copyright material), your E-Thesis will be available shortly after the price date. If you have filed a full copy of your E-Thesis and it has not been possible to remove copyrighted third-party material, your work will be permanently stored in a non-public area of the repository.

All researchers with up-to-date access to UCL`s core IT services have an active profile in RPS. You will find detailed instructions on connecting to RPS, creating a publication file for your doctoral thesis and presenting your e-thesis and e-thesis form in the deris agreement in RPS manuals and information pages. You may need to log in to your UCL username and password. UCL Discovery must receive your e-thesis no later than when the printed copy has been delivered to the student centre, or your reward may be delayed. After reviewing your graduation thesis and completing the necessary changes or corrections, make sure that if you do not have access to RPS or if you no longer have access to UCL`s core IT services, it is important to contact UCL Discovery via discovery@ucl.ac.uk.