The Power Of Agreement Book

First, the things I liked in this book. There were a lot of passes to get points. There were many fundamental truths contained. Most of the stories were interesting and encouraging because the authors were open and authentic with them. Worries and fears. Bringing unsaid difficulties to the surface can anticipate and minimize failures that you know will occur. The discussion will deepen the partnership or tell you that it is not a partnership you want to be a part of. renegotiate. Circumstances are changing and you need to put in place a mechanism to deal with the new conditions. Being realistic at the beginning allows the relationship to grow and prosper. No matter what optimism and clearness you are, it becomes necessary to renegotiate.

resolution. Anyone who feels trapped in a transaction, partnership or relationship will not make their maximum contribution. It is essential to offer a way out to everyone, an exit strategy that he can follow with dignity. follow. Even if you may not want to be the police, it is important to agree on the consequences for all those who break their promises. Dispute resolution. It is essential to recognize that conflicts and differences occur naturally when people work together. Knowing that this will happen, and determining the position of the solution and a process leading to a new agreement facilitates the resolution of disputes. management. A person at one point must take responsibility for compliance with the agreement and the expected results. agreement.

Work on the agreement until you are convinced that you have «an agreement or not.» Have a good time. Commit to seizing the future as a new opportunity. The existence of this attitude highlights cooperation. Laughter makes what is sometimes a ruthless world pleasant. The information on why we need an agreement and what it looks like (i.e. how it looks and how it unfolds) was very solid. The information on how to implement or get the agreement seemed weak to me. And in general, there were too many «musts» and «musts» throughout the book. Conflict resolution. A process offers the peace of knowing that a path has been created to find a solution. They can invent a new framework for their future.

Non-contradictory ways of concluding emotional relationships leave less scars and better ground for a fresh start. Joint ventures. The degree of success increases because the common vision is articulated in detail and in common. Labour relations. You can help design and adapt your working relationships. Reciprocity is encouraged, resentment is eliminated and buy-in is assured. Teams. Managers, department heads and team leaders can use the agreements to maintain their units on the same goal. The ability to formulate a common vision and create clear conditions of satisfaction is essential to this task. It operates both within departments and between companies.

Productivity of working groups. Work becomes first, not the «politics» of relationships. Common visions and tactical measures to achieve the objectives are at the heart of the concerns. Internal chatter stops. Good agreements are the best conflict prevention strategy. Good luck with this new vision of agreements! I`m sure it`ll improve your results. Commitments/action commitments. The agreement contains clear promises so that everyone knows who will do what. If the commitments to take action are specific, you can determine if the actions are sufficient. All commitments must have certain deadlines for the completion of tasks and the period during which the agreement will be in force.

When are you going to do it and how long will you do it? The value of the exchange. Who`s got what for what? Are the exchanges satisfactory? This must be clearly understood and everyone must be satisfied, or it will sabotage the transaction. A measure of satisfaction. Evidence that advises everyone to achieve their goals must be clearly, directly and measurable, on which there can be no disagreement.