Free Horse Boarding Agreement Forms

Although every effort is made to provide proper care for all horses on board, the stable is not responsible for any costs or losses related to the illness, theft, injury or death of a horse. While the stables` facilities and staff are fully insured in accordance with legal requirements, this insurance policy does not cover customers` horses. The customer undertakes to assume total and complete responsibility for the health and well-being of his horses. In addition, the customer undertakes to exempt the barn from any claim, loss or damage without restriction and to keep it unharmed. The customer must prove the following vaccinations before putting his horse (horses) in the stable: these standard forms are .pdf format to facilitate display and printing. If you don`t have Acrobat Reader, click here to download a free copy of Adobe. In return for the payment of the monthly boarding fees of the horses, the stable undertakes to ride the horses listed in this contract from one month to the next. Likewise, the customer undertakes to pay in full the monthly horse boarding fees in accordance with the terms of this contract. The following horses of the client are to be riddled with the barn: these standard forms are provided with the kind permission of the Bay Area Equestrian Network as a structure that you must follow when writing your own documents for the use of the horses` property and food issues. Due to the diversity of many local, urban, departmental, national and national laws, stableWise and BAEN recommend professional legal advice before entering into a contract or agreement. The following fees must be paid by the customer to the stable for each planned horse. This horse boarding contract continues from month to month.

The customer may terminate this agreement at any time by paying unpaid horse boarding fees and removing his horse(s) from the stable property. PandaTip: If you need additional vaccines for customers` horses, please list them in this section of the model. These vaccinations should be kept up to date by the client, as recommended by a licensed veterinarian….