Cost Sharing Letter Agreement

In order to reduce the company`s administrative and other costs to support its executives and employees who are not associated with the service, the company intends to use offices in the offices of the service on its premises and certain administrative services provided by or on behalf of the service. The Parties wish to provide for a cost-sharing agreement for the use by the Service of certain overhead costs in the premises such as space, utilities and other administrative services. 4 Federal funds cannot be used for other federal funds. 4. Cost-sharing positions must comply with the promoter`s guidelines and be authorized. For example, items normally considered as indirect costs (, ancillary costs, surfaces) cannot be shared if the sponsor does not allow indirect costs to be used to meet the matching requirement. Termination This contract terminates automatically if the application is not funded. In the context of funding, this Statement of Intent shall remain in full force and effect until all cost-sharing obligations are fulfilled. Competition (Organization) undertakes to provide the necessary participation mentioned above and to comply with the conditions of this Statement of Intent. CS05 Cost Allocation o:/pss/SRD_FORMS/CS05 Cost Sharing 3rd Party MOU MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING Cost-sharing obligation (Must be concluded before award is accepted) Budget period: Introduction The Memorandum of UNDERSTANDING is concluded between (short name of identification) and the San Diego State University Research Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization of San Diego State University, hereinafter referred to as FOUNDATION.

The parties agree to jointly submit a request for assistance under the direction of Dr. Dr. If one of the parties wishes to amend the agreement in the future, both parties should give their consent, and the initial agreement and amendments should be recorded in writing and signed by both parties. 2 (pi name). (name of organization) and FOUNDATION are invited by the sponsoring agency to share part of the costs of the project. The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to determine the amount of the contribution requested by (the organization) in the costs and to confirm the obligation (organization) to provide sufficient and eligible participation in the costs. The cost-sharing amount (organization) offers cost-sharing, in cash or in kind, in the following categories: In-kind salaries $ Fringe Benefits $ Travel $ $ Supplies $ Equipment $ Space $ $ $ $ Other $ Other $ Total $ $ Terms 1. 3 All entries, in cash or in kind, must be documentable. Records, including the names of individuals, the rate of pay, the number of hours and the corresponding calculation of effort, underperformance rate and calculation of applicable salaries, receipts, forms, shall be communicated to the Foundation for audit purposes on a quarterly basis during the performance period.

2. All cost-sharing positions shall be verifiable to determine their actual value. No item may be divided into amounts greater than their fair value. 3. In the case of federally funded projects, cost-sharing requirements must not be met by funds from other federal projects, including the transfer of federal funds through governments and local authorities. Example memorandum of Understanding MOU, MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING, Memorandum of UNDERSTANDING NO, MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING RECOGNITION, Memorandum When you are finished, click the «Get Document» button and you can download the document in Word or PDF format. Please let all parties carefully check the document and make any final changes to ensure that the details are correct before signing the document. Each party must have a copy of the executed document. .

5 Name of organisation: Agent: Street Address: City, State, Postal code: Telephone: ( ) – Fax: () – E-mail address of the representative: Title of the proposal Title: SDSU Project Director/Principal Investigator: Proposed Funding Agency: Approved for Organization: Competition by Foundation ____ _ ____ Signature Printed name and title: Printed name: date. . . . .