Changes To Learning Agreement Uni Regensburg

. Form for all those who have not obtained their baccalaureate at ur and who do not yet have an offzial / only German certificate. Summary table – What type of proof of language can I provide?: English or all other languages Right form** (doc) – Template with execution aid (pdf) SFA Spanish receivers for which a language test can be taken: LL.M Rosario Conde Maillo or Pedro-Enrique Patiño Hinojosa. If your exam secretariat allows you to obtain an english expression in flexnow (for example.B. Wiwi), it replaces the list. Please only enter the current semester in the IO form. . Important: Fact Sheet for listing all results Information sessions and application dates for study abroad (including applications for selected scholarships) Experience report for teaching Assistant-Programme, USA (coverage). .

DAAD language certificate (for proof of English). . Form for combinatorial courses, i.e. bachelor`s/master`s degree with several subjects** (doc) – template with filling aid (pdf). Learning Agreement 2019/20 (fill out the PDF form on PC). . If you have problems with the PDF form (for example.B. for course titles that are too long), you can use the Word form. Pay attention to the format: we cannot accept forms of 3 pages or more. How can I arrive at an English list of my studies? (pdf) Overview Readers for whom a language test can be taken ASDA language certificate (German/English form).

. Please also consult the information sheets to be completed! Application form (only for Fulbright applications) (**Form only for applications through the International Office of the University of Regensburg) Experience report for overseas internship (coverage) In this area you will find the necessary documents to apply for one of the exchange programs of the University of Regensburg. . What kind of proof of language can I give? => See search engine entry. OnSET certificate according to the collection nest for English at ZSK (information and registration). . . .