Big Bang Theory Roommate Agreement Time Travel

In accordance with the agreement, the thermostat must be maintained at 72F (22C). All the time. At all times. And although they live in sunny California, where the weather won`t fluctuate as much as in New York, for example, it still seems extreme. But perhaps these clauses are insignificant without affecting the agreement in general, or perhaps the rest of the contract is in place because Sheldon had the foresight to include a separation clause. There are still ways to defeat the treaty. Leonard: Well, I did public research at the time, you know, the army, the rocket fuel. It`s a little secret. This harmless clause actually means that Leonard is responsible for doing everything a car entails for Sheldon.

Drive him to work (and back). Take her to dental appointments. Take him to the station, to the comic book store and act mainly as a personal driver. This doesn`t seem to bother Leonard so much, but it`s definitely something that goes beyond what any normal roommate (or friend!) should do. Past Leonard: Why would you do that? I`ve had a lot of time. The elevator exploded. Sheldon revised the agreement to better promote himself in the chord section (although, as Sheldon wrote, the agreement was always built before Priya dismantled it, for the sole part for his selfishness, self-concentration and insistence on always having his way). But the new version was only agreed by blackmail, since Sheldon had set up a timer, which then sent an email to Priyya`s parents informing them of their relationship with Leonard, which Leonard initially refused. That`s the temperature you approved in the roommate contract.

What if there was a heat wave? What if there was a fresher spell? The requirement of the thermostat to stay at a certain temperature – and not to give the roommate a say at this temperature – is the control… and potentially uncomfortable. Past Sheldon: Never fly over his head unless the apartment is in need. And then, if one of us ever invents time travel, we agree that our first step will be today in exactly five seconds. Many of these rules seem to be right, and only about creating a great living situation, but it becomes increasingly clear during the series that most of them are actually only busy making sure that Sheldon gets his way.