Agreement For Modification Or Extension Of A Mortgage

b. all out-of-pocket fees and payments of the agent, including appropriate legal and valuation fees, in any way, arising from a fiduciary action or as part of a measure to control, advise, enforce or recover payments made in connection with the loan documents, or any other commitment of the borrower arising from that agreement , loan documents or other documents or arrangements arising from the relationship between trustees and trustees, to otherwise enforce or execute obligations to the agent or to fulfill other obligations to the agent. , including, without restrictions, all measures to terminate automatic stay or, by any other means, bankruptcy, redress or insolvency proceedings of the borrower, actions relating to or defending disputes relating to disputes that have been brought by the borrower or a third party against the trustees or in connection with this agreement , loan documents or business relationships between borrowers and agents, including possible «lender liability measures.» 12. Usury Savings Clause. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions contained elsewhere in this agreement, the borrower and agent herein agree that all agreements between them under this agreement and with respect to the loan, whether existing or subsequent, existing or oral, are expressly limited, so that under no circumstances or under any circumstances the amount that has been paid or agreed to the agent for use , leniency or withholding of money lent to the borrower or, for the performance or payment of a bond or obligation contained in that part or contained, the maximum interest rate provided for by current legislation («maximum rate»). If, in all circumstances, the enforcement of the provisions of this agreement at the time of the application of these provisions implies exceeding the statutory validity limit, the obligation to be fulfilled is automatically reduced to the limit of that validity and if, for such a circumstance, the agent should ever obtain a value considered to be remunerated by the current legislation and which would exceed the maximum rate that would exceed the maximum rate that would exceed the maximum rate. when these excessive interest is applied to the reduction of the principal amount of the loan or as a result of other debts outstanding by the loan documents and not on the payment of interest, or if these excessive interests exceed the principal balance of the loan and that other debt, that excess is repaid to the borrower. All amounts paid or agreed to the agent for the use, leniency or ownership of the loan or other faults of the borrower are, as far as possible, amortized for the duration of the loan until the full payment, pro-rata, pro-rata and distribution, so that the actual interest rate is equal to or above the maximum interest rate over the duration of the loan for the duration of the loan. for the duration of the loan, as required. The provisions of this section 12 control any other provisions of this agreement and all other agreements between the borrower and the agent. Some traditional lenders have their own credit change programs. Some of these programs have matured, but public credit modification assistance remains available to some borrowers.